04 October 2010

The Weak Or The Strong

So I was chatting with my good friend @BluCanon about life, love and the power of strength and forgiveness of one's own self. So this poem goes out to him as he was the inspiration for it and even though he may not realize this, his support from far away places helps me more than most people right next door to me. So thank you for being such an amazing person and friend to me even though we barely know each other.

 The Weak Or The Strong 

Strength does not come in numbers, it comes with vengeance
Or better yet fears of one's transcendence 
Into a state of a demented daze
Where your brains connectors are nothing more than a mushy maze 

A glass mirror may be fragile in a shattered state
But the broken pieces have the power to deflate;
even the fastest of heart rates. 

"When I get dusted I like spread the blood like mustard. Trust it."

17 September 2010

Cellophane Ghosts

Cellophane Ghosts

I’m wrapping away your ghost in cellophane
Like leftovers I’ll never touch again
The idea of you makes me grow blue like chlorophane
So here’s a toast to your ghostly suffocation with a glass of champagne

I hope the plastic wrap I bind my heart with holds
This pretty package: an artist’s broken duck taped mold
Love me with my arms tied and behold
This beating pound of flesh worth more than gold

Broken pieces of a bowl shattered on the floor
Represent what we were before
Suffocate in your plastic wrap while you grope for;
A mirage you thought you saw from the shore

So I’m wrapping you away in a prison of cellophane
I hope you feel the pressure, a brutal karma chain
Because you’ve left me defeated and slain
Feel, live and breathe my pain

10 September 2010

Would You Like to Hear Some Poetry?!

Here are my two most recent pieces of poetry. Let me know what y'all think!

The Fallen King
Can you feel my heart beating?
Your name it’s forever repeating.

But who are you on my soul?
A lost one ever tattooed in ashy coal.

Yet I bleed at your name…
A slingshot love of you gone, yet still staking claim. 

We were once a sturdy kingdom, together as allies,
But in the end your serpent tongue led to our demise. 

Things Abandoned
Old smells come back to haunt me
The sour sweat from your hair, the harsh rust from my locket
Signs that nothing is left but windy debris
And thoughts of staring down the barrel of my musket

But you’re not worth it and neither am I
I’m numb but free, free from your heavy hand
Yet still when I think about you I can’t cry
You took so many tears and now all I cry is sand

I won’t give you all the credit
My feelings of abandonment are deeper than a kidnapped heart
And life is life; I can’t go back and edit it
Just have jaded moments were my thoughts make me fall apart

Yet I feel sick, like a plague was put upon both our houses
Another tragedy that’s blood beats through the memories
I wish my hazed heart could forgive your past abuses
But instead I’ll wear my memoirs as accessories

20 August 2010

Why My Friends Are Cooler Than Yours...

So last week I was pretty sick and feeling down and out from a lot of life stresses. But the next day I woke up to two very beautiful poems/writings dedicated to me by two of my favorite people, Cathy and Jen.

Today's blog post is going to be showcasing those two poems that they wrote for me. I feel so loved. <3

Thoughts About Pansies (via @SemicolonJen)

I recently read about pansies. It wasn’t just their beauty that caught my eye, but the strength that they carried. A pansy continues to grow during winter, even in harsh snowy conditions, and they grow and bloom for all of spring. Have you ever wondered how that tiny flower felt during the winter? Probably cold, frail, and like it should give up on spring. Spring hardly feels worth it during the harsh winter hours, pushing and fighting to be strong. In that sense, you are like a pansy. Beautiful, enduring winter, waiting for spring to roll around. Those harsh winter months only remind you that spring is on the way, and winter is never permanent. Pushing through and continuing to be strong is never easy, but that’s the beauty of a pansy. It doesn’t shrivel and die from the cold, it uses it for the spring, for the future. When you feel like winter never ends, just remember spring is never far away. Remember that you are beautiful, remember what you are worth. Remember that you are a pansy.


 I'm Always There (via @ctough24)

For my friend Megan who is hurting today.

When you have some time today, no matter what the weather is, go outside, look up at the sky and close your eyes.

If the sun is shining the warmth you feel is me hugging you

If it is raining the raindrops are me wiping your tears away

If there is a gentle breeze on your cheek it is my shoulder for you to lean on

And the soft sounds you hear are me whispering in your ear that you are beautiful and I love you

Written by: CAT 8-13-2010 

09 August 2010

Things Abandoned...

I love themes, especially when it comes to my photography. I finally got Photoshop last week so I needed to go out and explore the world with my lens so I could fiddle around with my new software. Lately I have been dealing with feelings of abandonment, loneliness and uncertainty.

The photos that follow represent my theme of Things Abandoned. Enjoy.


For the memories that have been forgotten or have yet to be made...

Photos dedicated to @semicolonjen and my soul sister. 

 You have me anchored to the floor.

Sail away in memories...

So far gone.

Subtle differences.

Never forget <3.

08 July 2010

In The Grand Spectrum Of Things

Check one off the Bucket List for me and add one to the feet pictures I take at each place I go that I think is  memorable or a wonder of the world or maybe just deserves an awesome fucking foot picture because it's tradition.

But to get to the point I finally visited the Grand, and yes VERY GRAND INDEED Canyon last week with my lovely sidekicks, Kara and Colleen and what a beautiful, breathtaking and stunning display of scenery, landscape and natural architecture at its best. Enjoy and don't hold your breath too long...I promise you won't fall over the edge. ;)



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