04 October 2010

The Weak Or The Strong

So I was chatting with my good friend @BluCanon about life, love and the power of strength and forgiveness of one's own self. So this poem goes out to him as he was the inspiration for it and even though he may not realize this, his support from far away places helps me more than most people right next door to me. So thank you for being such an amazing person and friend to me even though we barely know each other.

 The Weak Or The Strong 

Strength does not come in numbers, it comes with vengeance
Or better yet fears of one's transcendence 
Into a state of a demented daze
Where your brains connectors are nothing more than a mushy maze 

A glass mirror may be fragile in a shattered state
But the broken pieces have the power to deflate;
even the fastest of heart rates. 

"When I get dusted I like spread the blood like mustard. Trust it."



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