22 February 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 5

Suddenly she knew exactly what to do as she stared at her hands that where now covered in her fiance's brains and blood. Her cries ceased and she struggled to climb out of the passenger side of the car. The man that had shot her finance was kneeling in the blood of what looked like his girlfriend's,  calling out to a God that seemed to be ignoring him. He seemed to be in shock as he violently shook his fists to the sky and than began to roll his body in the blood on the pavement. She went around to the drivers seat and pushed her finances body into the passenger seat - and then the plan came to her as she looked down at the gory hole that once been covered with thick, luxurious curly hair. 

The words on the wall confused him and at first he thought that perhaps someone was playing a practical joke with red paint but as he got closer he could smell the iron of human blood. If he could have panicked he would have but instead he scanned the room like a detective trying to see if the culprit had left any clues. When he thought the room was clear he began to check the rest of the house. Bathroom was all clear, dining room was left untouched, basement was as musty as always but as he opened the bedroom door he was blinded by deep, red blood. The bedroom was bathed in it. The walls were splashed almost lazily , the bed sheets were soaked through, even the ceilings were splattered with blood but what caught he attention was the large pool of in the middle of the room. No sooner had he scanned the room with his eyes did the memories come back.

It was a clear night that evening only the memories were hazy but there she stood, in the middle of the road twirling in her midnight blue dress ignoring his cries of apologizes for yelling at her. He was on his knees holding out the ring she had just given back. She laughed at his weak attempts to console her. They had only been engaged for a week and that night in the car ride home she had  found a red bra underneath the front seat when she had reached for her lipstick she had dropped on the car floor. He insisted he hadn't cheated but she was certain that he had. It wasn't hers and he had no other siblings or family left who could have used the car. So in protest she made him stop the car and she danced by herself in the abandoned street as he begged for her forgiveness. 

He was on his knees in tears, crying, screaming, sobbing his apologizes when he heard it happen. The car had come out of no where and as he looked up he saw her body twisted and contorted on the ground as a pool of blood grew around her. In an almost robotic state he ran to his car and grabbed the gun underneath his seat and walked straight toward the red mustang with the gun held firm out in front of him, cocked and ready to blow. 

And then his heard the BANG! of the gunshot...

He awoke again laying in the blood soaked bedroom with a gun pressed firmly between his eyes.

"Why Kate?" he squeaked as he stared into her deep green eyes trying to ignore that she was holding a gun to his head.

Cherry Pie: Part 4

Jake awoke from his nightmare in a cold sweat. The sheets were drenched and he felt heavy and sticky beneath them. He was remembering that night more often but things were still blurry. The gun shot ran in and out of his mind but he had no idea how it fell in place with the accident. The doctors had told him it must have been a hit and run. The culprit had been no where in site when the cops had reached the scene. The police report had read that upon arriving at the scene they saw Jake sitting in a huge pool of blood, rocking bath and forth and mumbling nonsense words to himself. He was covered from head to toe in fresh, warm blood. His pupils would not response to the flashlight they shone in his eyes.

At first they assumed that a murder had taken place but after the blood tests can back negative and they could not determine who the rest of the blood came from, they closed the case as a hit and run. Jake had eight broken ribs as well as a black eye and of course, had severe amnesia.  The few hints from his past consisted of an engagement ring in his pocket, a napkin with the words Forever Yours written on it and the initials MT signed at the bottom.

None of it made sense and after the first flash back, Jake decided to keep his visions to himself - he even lied to his therapist about them. In his mind it was all he had left of his reality, because since that night he had never felt like he was living. He felt he was suspended in time - that his life was a movie he was watching from the outside in. Nothing phased him, nothing bothered him and he had no connections to anything or anyone anymore, not even Kate. That was one of the reasons he couldn't make love to her anymore, because even though he could go through the motions he couldn't feel anything while doing it. His stoic nature had never been broken - and up until today he thought nothing could make him feel again. That was until he came home from a long day at work and open the door to find his living room wall graffiti-ed in blood the words: Born in blood, Death in Memories.

17 February 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 3

They had met in the old, crusty cafeteria of the hospital weeks after the accident. Jake had severe head injuries and the only thing the doctors could tell him was that he had been in a car accident that not only totaled his car but seemed to have totaled his memory. He had asked them over and over again if someone else had been involved but as far as they doctors were concerned all the blood he remembered seeing that night was his.

Upon his third week in the hospital he met Kate for the first time. He was eating his regular apple sauce with cheap tasting cinnamon on top when this red haired wonder ask if the seat next to him was taken. He was immediately infatuated with how she carried herself. Her confident swagger, the way she flipped her red shoulder length hair and her deep set eyes that screamed "fuck me."

Lust is what seemed to bring them together but their similar co-dependent, self-destructive personalities is what made them stay together for so long. Kate was anything but timid with Jake. She always made the first move, she was aggressive in bed yet she spoke reluctantly, almost with hesitation when Jake tried to ask her about her past. Maybe that is why he had a hard time completely giving himself to her or maybe it was his own fucked up, jaded feelings that caused their continued distance. Either way they both seemed to thrive off each others dysfunction.

The engine of the mustang sung in the summer's soft ambiance. He took his hand of the stick and grabbed her hand to softly kiss it. She smiled with her eyes and looked down at the simply set diamond ring on her left hand. He leaned in closer to kiss her rough lips as she softly fluttered her eyes, when he heard her scream "STOP!!"

In an instance the sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the car as the body of a woman smash through the window. Cherry was screaming and he could feel tears running out of his eyes but he couldn't see what had happened.  Realizing he couldn't feel anything but the tears running down his blood sprayed cheek, he began to panic.  Cherry was begging him to stay with her, yet as he opened his mouth to respond nothing but blood poured out. Then someone screamed again and the sound of a gun shot vibrated in the eerie air.

16 February 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 2

"Wild Cherry...," Kate whispered to herself while reminiscing on past memories. She took a drag of her Newport and remembered what he used to taste like. It had been about 11 years since the last time she saw him and she could remember how his blood matched the paint on his Mustang the night of the accident.

The front door opened and Kate shook her head as if to wake herself up. With a large but rather fake smile she stood up, cigarette in hand and walked over to Jake to give him a kiss. Again he turned away leaving her feeling ugly and unwanted.

She took a long, drawn out drag from her Newport and rolled her eyes so he could see. Feeling guilty he softly mumbled, "Sorry, it was a long day. I'm just not in the mood."

"Piss off," Kate grunted back. "I'm going to the store for more cigarettes."

Kate flicked the butt into the trash and watched the smoke settle in the air. She grabbed her forest green petticoat, Moroccan scarf and brown boots and headed out into the chilly Nebraskan wind. Jake's house stood by itself on a lonesome hill surrounded by snow during this time of year. From the bottom of the valley it looked like an old French cottage sitting upon a bed of sparkling diamonds, but Kate knew better then to think of that house as something beautiful in the world.

She stood at the bottom of the hill and reached into her wallet and pulled out a picture of a man with thick, black curly hair. She closed her eyes and tried to remember how it felt to run her fingers through his hair and how the back of his neck was always a little clammy. She looked up at the kitchen window and saw Jake's shadow walking past. If looks could kill, this one would have been to genocidal proportions.

Jake's mind was racing once more. He sat down backward on the love seat and hung his head and back off of the front of it. He let the blood rush to his head until he had a headache and closed his eyes. Once his face was nice a red he started violently doing push ups. This was an anger exercise but had nothing to do about Kate. He was remembering again. Behind his closed lids all he saw was red. He remembered not being about to tell the difference between the blood and the ground - everything colliding together and turning black in the end. And then in a flash he remembered something new he thought he had forgotten. There has been words carved into the flesh of the man he had hit - Wild Cherry.

15 February 2010

Cherry Pie

 This week my friend Ryan wanted me to write him his own personal story I asked him for a name, a time period and a place and this is what he gave me: Name: Jake, Time Period: 80s--4th of July, Place: On a hill in the mid west. Based upon that I am going to be writing a short story for him and adding on to it throughout the week and see where it goes. So Ryan this is for you:

Colors filtered through Jake's mind as he watched the clock sway slowly in front of him. Orange, red, yellow, then black was the last thing Jake remembered on July 4, 1985. It was now 10 years later and he still had blurry night terrors that woke him up in the middle of the night. Yet he had never been able to remember what exactly happened that night.

He had been engaged to a beautiful woman whose smile sparkled in his memory but whose eyes he had forgotten along with the rest of her. When he remember her smile he felt sadness but it wasn't the type of heartache you feel when you lose a loved one because he has no idea how he lost her or if that was even the case.

The woman he was with now had a similar smile but her mouth was smaller and her lips rough. Jake avoided kissing her on many occasions which of course pissed her off but he couldn't help himself - it always reminded him of kissing his abusive mother whose lips were rough on his cheek. He never told her this however but sometimes he wished he could. He liked having her near but ever since that night 10 years ago, he seemed to have lost the ability to love someone, at least in society's sense of love.

Jake also lacked a filter when he spoke to people and this caused him to go through women like water. Yet, Kate seemed to have stuck around the longest so far - about 6 months.

Kate loved one thing and one thing only - cherries. She had a cherry tattoo on her hip as well as oriental fans with cherries on them behind both her ears. Her hair was cherry red and her favorite shoes matched. Her favorite drink was a jack and cherry-coke with two cherries on top. Jake had never asked why and honestly didn't care but it seemed to be a never ending theme with Kate's life.

A cherry red mustang swung around the south corner and came to a smoking halt in front of her house. She jumped up from the couch when she saw his car speeding around the corner. She was dressed in all white and with her bright red hair blowing in the wind made her body looked like milk. He was leaning on the hood of the car with a cigarette balancing between his lips and gave her a short wink. She had  to get on her tip-toes to give him a kiss and she could taste the smoke as he blew it in her mouth.

He always wore the same high-top Reebok kicks with green neon toes. His hair was black, thick and curly and it always looked like he had just woken up. He had the persona of a bad boy but he would always open her door and at night when they couldn't be together he would call and sing to her, her favorite song, "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones. She always laughed when he sang "you make a grown man cry" and she always teased him by asking if she ever made him cry. He loved everything about his Wild Cherry, as he nicknamed her....



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