10 February 2010

Mermaid Souls

Ever since I was a child I was always interested in my fairy tale books full of tragic stories of mermaids and faeries and such. Yes not the happy ending bullshit. I prefer the realistic, tragic, well isn't life a bitch sort of endings...not to say I don't want my own happy ending I just am hopelessly stoic and jaded to even begin to imagine that. Yet on a happy note Mermaid guts are another one of my favorite things. Weird I know, but ever since I was a kid I was always going to the beach. Around the Puget Sound I've seen to see a lot of the white foamy stuff that sits on the surface of the water close to shore. Well of course I know it's not really Mermaid souls that make the sea foam but I still remember the story I read about it when I was kid. I have always promised myself when I have kids I will share the story with them when I take them to the beach.

The story to summarize pretty much says that when Mermaids die, their souls never leave the ocean and the sea foam that appears is the remains of the souls of the Mermaids. So if you happen to get some on you, you must pay your respects and you will receive good luck. I personally always thought that was such a sweet story and even though it's a fable I still like to pretend it's true when I'm at the beach.

Quote of the Day:

“Souls of poets dead and gone, 
What Elysium have ye known, 
Happy field or mossy cavern, 
Choicer than the Mermaid Tavern? 
Have ye tippled drink more fine 
Than mine host's Canary wine?”
- John Keats


Radical Ryan February 14, 2010 at 7:33 AM  

You know, in every creative story I write, things rarely work out for the person. I hope my life turns out the opposite of what I write lol.



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