22 February 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 5

Suddenly she knew exactly what to do as she stared at her hands that where now covered in her fiance's brains and blood. Her cries ceased and she struggled to climb out of the passenger side of the car. The man that had shot her finance was kneeling in the blood of what looked like his girlfriend's,  calling out to a God that seemed to be ignoring him. He seemed to be in shock as he violently shook his fists to the sky and than began to roll his body in the blood on the pavement. She went around to the drivers seat and pushed her finances body into the passenger seat - and then the plan came to her as she looked down at the gory hole that once been covered with thick, luxurious curly hair. 

The words on the wall confused him and at first he thought that perhaps someone was playing a practical joke with red paint but as he got closer he could smell the iron of human blood. If he could have panicked he would have but instead he scanned the room like a detective trying to see if the culprit had left any clues. When he thought the room was clear he began to check the rest of the house. Bathroom was all clear, dining room was left untouched, basement was as musty as always but as he opened the bedroom door he was blinded by deep, red blood. The bedroom was bathed in it. The walls were splashed almost lazily , the bed sheets were soaked through, even the ceilings were splattered with blood but what caught he attention was the large pool of in the middle of the room. No sooner had he scanned the room with his eyes did the memories come back.

It was a clear night that evening only the memories were hazy but there she stood, in the middle of the road twirling in her midnight blue dress ignoring his cries of apologizes for yelling at her. He was on his knees holding out the ring she had just given back. She laughed at his weak attempts to console her. They had only been engaged for a week and that night in the car ride home she had  found a red bra underneath the front seat when she had reached for her lipstick she had dropped on the car floor. He insisted he hadn't cheated but she was certain that he had. It wasn't hers and he had no other siblings or family left who could have used the car. So in protest she made him stop the car and she danced by herself in the abandoned street as he begged for her forgiveness. 

He was on his knees in tears, crying, screaming, sobbing his apologizes when he heard it happen. The car had come out of no where and as he looked up he saw her body twisted and contorted on the ground as a pool of blood grew around her. In an almost robotic state he ran to his car and grabbed the gun underneath his seat and walked straight toward the red mustang with the gun held firm out in front of him, cocked and ready to blow. 

And then his heard the BANG! of the gunshot...

He awoke again laying in the blood soaked bedroom with a gun pressed firmly between his eyes.

"Why Kate?" he squeaked as he stared into her deep green eyes trying to ignore that she was holding a gun to his head.


Radical Ryan February 24, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

I absolutely love it. You are so freaking talented!

Sweetpea March 19, 2010 at 9:52 AM  

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan is right you are freaking talented!!!! More please :)



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