05 February 2010

Water Works

Water...oh blue, beautiful water. For some reason during my entire existence water has been able to heal me in the strangest ways. Whenever I feel sick or nauseous, I hop in a hot shower, sit on the floor of the shower and let the water run over me. It is the most healing feeling in the world and as long as I can feel the water surrounding me I feel absolutely no pain. However right after I am out of the shower I feel sick again so lets just say the water bill is high when I am sick haha.

Another trick I do when my stomach hurts is take a walk by the beach. Now this is easy for me since my backyard is the beach (this picture is from my backyard actually). See Native Americans used to belief that a walk next to salt water could cure your nausuous or hangovers or whatever is upsetting your stomach. It could be the placbo effect but I swear it works. Swimming in salt water also helps clear your skin up as well but I wouldn't reccommend jumping in this water until summer time.

The real point of this picture though is that water or more so the ocean is definitely one of my favorite things. It's just another beautiful thing in this world that helps me to relax and not feel bloody insane.

Quote of the Day:

“The insane, on occasion, are not without their charms." - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. quotes




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