04 February 2010

Hazy Memories

Okay I absolutely LOOOVVEEE this picture. I was messing around with camera timing and this is what I got. I think it is brilliant because it could be many things like in a dream. It could be a garden of flowers or an underwater world. Maybe it's Noah's Ark animals all lined up row by row. However the truth is the picture you are looking at is the night lights of Downtown Seattle. But I prefer my using my imagination.

Sometimes I view the world like this picture. I feel that I am standing still while the rest of the world is blurring past and it makes me faint. Sometimes I need to just take a set out of the world and all its chaos and find relief in what I know and what I love rather then trying to take in everything at once. However majority of the time I find myself repeating the same dull reflexes of life. But I like to be on the outside looking in sometimes and to bring myself out of the world and find new ideas and brilliance in myself.

But with that said. I must go back to the grind.

Quote of the Day:

“Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish."
     - Chuck Palahniuk




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