10 February 2010

Life Tracks

Okay as y'all can probably tell by now I love the ocean and anything that comes from it...well expect maybe Sharks...as long as they are far away from me then I think they are pretty cool.

But I have always had a special relationship with sand. It could be because when I was younger I would run around nude on the beach and always seem to get sand everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE. It could be the feeling it gives me when it's between my toes. But then again it could be all the cool things I find in the sand...like tracks and designs.

I still love to walk barefoot over the oysters in the wet sand and get squirted at by them. But I also love all the amazing things sand can offer. You can draw in it, you can find footprints in it and every once in awhile if your lucky you can find a perfect sand dollar. Yet what is interesting is that after all the fun, all the memories and all the sand filled memories, once the tide rises it is all washed away and ready to be taken on again. I think that is my favorite part about the sand; it's ability to start fresh every day, no matter what takes place.

Quote of the Day:

“On the sands of life sorrow treads heavily, and leaves a print time cannot wash away.” - Henry Neele quotes




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