17 February 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 3

They had met in the old, crusty cafeteria of the hospital weeks after the accident. Jake had severe head injuries and the only thing the doctors could tell him was that he had been in a car accident that not only totaled his car but seemed to have totaled his memory. He had asked them over and over again if someone else had been involved but as far as they doctors were concerned all the blood he remembered seeing that night was his.

Upon his third week in the hospital he met Kate for the first time. He was eating his regular apple sauce with cheap tasting cinnamon on top when this red haired wonder ask if the seat next to him was taken. He was immediately infatuated with how she carried herself. Her confident swagger, the way she flipped her red shoulder length hair and her deep set eyes that screamed "fuck me."

Lust is what seemed to bring them together but their similar co-dependent, self-destructive personalities is what made them stay together for so long. Kate was anything but timid with Jake. She always made the first move, she was aggressive in bed yet she spoke reluctantly, almost with hesitation when Jake tried to ask her about her past. Maybe that is why he had a hard time completely giving himself to her or maybe it was his own fucked up, jaded feelings that caused their continued distance. Either way they both seemed to thrive off each others dysfunction.

The engine of the mustang sung in the summer's soft ambiance. He took his hand of the stick and grabbed her hand to softly kiss it. She smiled with her eyes and looked down at the simply set diamond ring on her left hand. He leaned in closer to kiss her rough lips as she softly fluttered her eyes, when he heard her scream "STOP!!"

In an instance the sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the car as the body of a woman smash through the window. Cherry was screaming and he could feel tears running out of his eyes but he couldn't see what had happened.  Realizing he couldn't feel anything but the tears running down his blood sprayed cheek, he began to panic.  Cherry was begging him to stay with her, yet as he opened his mouth to respond nothing but blood poured out. Then someone screamed again and the sound of a gun shot vibrated in the eerie air.




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