22 February 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 4

Jake awoke from his nightmare in a cold sweat. The sheets were drenched and he felt heavy and sticky beneath them. He was remembering that night more often but things were still blurry. The gun shot ran in and out of his mind but he had no idea how it fell in place with the accident. The doctors had told him it must have been a hit and run. The culprit had been no where in site when the cops had reached the scene. The police report had read that upon arriving at the scene they saw Jake sitting in a huge pool of blood, rocking bath and forth and mumbling nonsense words to himself. He was covered from head to toe in fresh, warm blood. His pupils would not response to the flashlight they shone in his eyes.

At first they assumed that a murder had taken place but after the blood tests can back negative and they could not determine who the rest of the blood came from, they closed the case as a hit and run. Jake had eight broken ribs as well as a black eye and of course, had severe amnesia.  The few hints from his past consisted of an engagement ring in his pocket, a napkin with the words Forever Yours written on it and the initials MT signed at the bottom.

None of it made sense and after the first flash back, Jake decided to keep his visions to himself - he even lied to his therapist about them. In his mind it was all he had left of his reality, because since that night he had never felt like he was living. He felt he was suspended in time - that his life was a movie he was watching from the outside in. Nothing phased him, nothing bothered him and he had no connections to anything or anyone anymore, not even Kate. That was one of the reasons he couldn't make love to her anymore, because even though he could go through the motions he couldn't feel anything while doing it. His stoic nature had never been broken - and up until today he thought nothing could make him feel again. That was until he came home from a long day at work and open the door to find his living room wall graffiti-ed in blood the words: Born in blood, Death in Memories.




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