15 February 2010

Girly Indulgence

Yes this is incredibly girly for me but I do indulge in some girly aspects. I own about two purses and not a lot of shoes but I do over indulge in lingerie.I love soft lacy, silky things. It not only feels good on me but it makes me feel pretty. I know it is silly but it is an amazing feeling when I have something fresh to wear. I have never been a big shopper but every once in awhile I will spoil myself.

Something about this picture seems very odd to me. I used to HATE pink and it some ways I still do.My favorite color happens to be blue because until I was about 10 my mother used to dress my in pink and curl my hair, everyday. Every school picture I look like a barbie doll so when I could finally pick out my own clothes and do my own hair I gave up pink and turned to blue. I actually didn't wear pink again until High School when I found out it was a good color on me.

As you can see I have brought pink back in my life now even though my closest is full of blues and my room still resembles a serene, ocean getaway spot. 

Quote of the Day:

“Imagination without study is the self-indulgence of the intellect." - David Lindsay 




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