14 May 2010

Mistakes and Miracles: My Life Changing News

This is going to be a very hard blog post to write because I have so many mixed feelings about the news I just received yesterday but here it goes. Last year as most of you know I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and I was scared (no pun intended) shit-less. I didn't even come out to my friends and family about it until February of this year, thanks to Jason and all my friends from CDSN.

Since that time however, I have done all I could to support Crohn's awareness and change my lifestyle, diet and state of mind about my disease. However my doctors were playing a came of tug-of-war with not only my emotions but also my life. I struggled with the pain and more importantly the stress this was causing me when none of my questions and concerns were being answered.

I started on a Gluten and Dairy free diet hoping to find some relief to my pain and to help slow down the process of this devastating disease. My friends and family all supported me through this, even my Dad went on the diet and my best friend Joey would always make sure I never cheated myself....even if I really wanted some god damn bread. haha.

But something wasn't right. After two months of changing my diet the pain was worse, my weight was the same and my stomach was bloated and my intestines permanently swollen - all the while my Dad was losing weight and feeling great. I felt ugly, unattractive and honestly exhausted of feeling pain, just like all my fellow crohnies I know feel and have felt many times over.

Yesterday I finally went to a REAL GI whom was recommended by a great friend who has had Crohns for 20 years because my original doctors were, excuse this, but down right douche bag veterinarians, and to me not real doctors at all (no offense to vets I love y'all).

So here it goes and I hope after I tell you this I will still be accepted into the crohnie family. So.... I DO NOT have Crohns, I have IBS and have always had that and it's official. Hence why the diet was actually hurting me rather then helping since IBS patients need fiber while Crohnies need to stay away from it. The diet I was on was building up gas and my bowels could not move it through like a normal persons. So yes I still have to deal with IBS for the rest of my life but I am thankful that I do not have Crohns.

On that note however I will ALWAYS support my Crohns family and volunteer and do anything I can to help, UC, IBS, IBD and all other bowl related diseases. I love you all and thank you for supporting me through this past year and I hope my fellow crohnies will still consider me one of the family.

13 May 2010

Summer Lovin'

Makes me want to break out into a Grease song but I'll save you all from my wretched reenactment of Olivia Newton John's dance in her skin tight black leather suit, since I'm sure my awesome flab will be super attractive and may hinder my ability to get me some summer lovin...haha but on that random side note enjoy my introduction photographs to summertime in the beautiful Northwest. 

So this picture in particular is special to me because when I was editing it I started crying for no reason besides the fact that it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean eh? -->

Oh and check out that awesome, creepy fog.

Oh...did I mention...this is my backyard... ;)

11 May 2010

A Masquerade In The Waves

April Showers Brings Megs Birthday Flowers

Here is a photo montage to my 23rd. Not quite a quarter but enough to still be a dime piece! BOOM!

What can I say!? They go tits up for moi!

 New friends = New Memories and more love in the world <3

When your middle name is Muthaeffin ain't nobody got shit on you.


But then the guest list gets even sweeter when Sammy Davis incarnate is in da' house...

Yet without my BFF none of this could have been possible, I was so sick and weak and my boo saved the day and oh how much fun we had...

 Now time for the birthday girl and the infamous mask I know y'all have been dying to see...enjoy...

 All that is gold does not glitter.

Little Monster Approved.

Some dreams hang in the air like smoke, touching everything.

 Oh fragile flame. No one see's the same.

 Next American Apparel Ad? I think so.

A weed is no more a flower in disguise.

Dinner Time.


You got me Sideways...

Real eyes realize real lies.




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