11 May 2010

A Masquerade In The Waves

April Showers Brings Megs Birthday Flowers

Here is a photo montage to my 23rd. Not quite a quarter but enough to still be a dime piece! BOOM!

What can I say!? They go tits up for moi!

 New friends = New Memories and more love in the world <3

When your middle name is Muthaeffin ain't nobody got shit on you.


But then the guest list gets even sweeter when Sammy Davis incarnate is in da' house...

Yet without my BFF none of this could have been possible, I was so sick and weak and my boo saved the day and oh how much fun we had...

 Now time for the birthday girl and the infamous mask I know y'all have been dying to see...enjoy...

 All that is gold does not glitter.

Little Monster Approved.

Some dreams hang in the air like smoke, touching everything.

 Oh fragile flame. No one see's the same.

 Next American Apparel Ad? I think so.

A weed is no more a flower in disguise.

Dinner Time.


You got me Sideways...

Real eyes realize real lies.



Sweetpea May 12, 2010 at 10:39 AM  

Oh baby...love these pics. Some great fun was had there and you look so beautiful...no one would ever guess how sick you were feeling. I wish you could do it all over again without the pain.
Love you Boo <3 xoxo



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