30 June 2010

The Power of Freedom

I was given the opportunity to be a guest writer for my dear friends blog http://askmrloverman.blogspot.com/ this week where we answered question regarding abuse and rape. Some of you may know my story and some of you may be in shock when you hear this but I was in an abusive relationship for over 6 years and it wasn't the first time I dealt with abuse in my life. Without going into too many details right now because this is not about me I just wanted to give anyone the opportunity to read this blog and ask me or MrLoverMan any questions regarding abuse or rape of any sort. I have resources, friends, people and knowledge and experience to help people with this and my heart aches to help anyone in these situations. So please read our blog post and if you know of anyone that needs help or if you need help you can contact me anonymously and I promise to help in the best way I can.

No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent.




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