20 August 2010

Why My Friends Are Cooler Than Yours...

So last week I was pretty sick and feeling down and out from a lot of life stresses. But the next day I woke up to two very beautiful poems/writings dedicated to me by two of my favorite people, Cathy and Jen.

Today's blog post is going to be showcasing those two poems that they wrote for me. I feel so loved. <3

Thoughts About Pansies (via @SemicolonJen)

I recently read about pansies. It wasn’t just their beauty that caught my eye, but the strength that they carried. A pansy continues to grow during winter, even in harsh snowy conditions, and they grow and bloom for all of spring. Have you ever wondered how that tiny flower felt during the winter? Probably cold, frail, and like it should give up on spring. Spring hardly feels worth it during the harsh winter hours, pushing and fighting to be strong. In that sense, you are like a pansy. Beautiful, enduring winter, waiting for spring to roll around. Those harsh winter months only remind you that spring is on the way, and winter is never permanent. Pushing through and continuing to be strong is never easy, but that’s the beauty of a pansy. It doesn’t shrivel and die from the cold, it uses it for the spring, for the future. When you feel like winter never ends, just remember spring is never far away. Remember that you are beautiful, remember what you are worth. Remember that you are a pansy.


 I'm Always There (via @ctough24)

For my friend Megan who is hurting today.

When you have some time today, no matter what the weather is, go outside, look up at the sky and close your eyes.

If the sun is shining the warmth you feel is me hugging you

If it is raining the raindrops are me wiping your tears away

If there is a gentle breeze on your cheek it is my shoulder for you to lean on

And the soft sounds you hear are me whispering in your ear that you are beautiful and I love you

Written by: CAT 8-13-2010 


Sweetpea August 20, 2010 at 7:29 PM  

Thank you Boo I Love You!!! xoxo



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