10 September 2010

Would You Like to Hear Some Poetry?!

Here are my two most recent pieces of poetry. Let me know what y'all think!

The Fallen King
Can you feel my heart beating?
Your name it’s forever repeating.

But who are you on my soul?
A lost one ever tattooed in ashy coal.

Yet I bleed at your name…
A slingshot love of you gone, yet still staking claim. 

We were once a sturdy kingdom, together as allies,
But in the end your serpent tongue led to our demise. 

Things Abandoned
Old smells come back to haunt me
The sour sweat from your hair, the harsh rust from my locket
Signs that nothing is left but windy debris
And thoughts of staring down the barrel of my musket

But you’re not worth it and neither am I
I’m numb but free, free from your heavy hand
Yet still when I think about you I can’t cry
You took so many tears and now all I cry is sand

I won’t give you all the credit
My feelings of abandonment are deeper than a kidnapped heart
And life is life; I can’t go back and edit it
Just have jaded moments were my thoughts make me fall apart

Yet I feel sick, like a plague was put upon both our houses
Another tragedy that’s blood beats through the memories
I wish my hazed heart could forgive your past abuses
But instead I’ll wear my memoirs as accessories




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