17 September 2010

Cellophane Ghosts

Cellophane Ghosts

I’m wrapping away your ghost in cellophane
Like leftovers I’ll never touch again
The idea of you makes me grow blue like chlorophane
So here’s a toast to your ghostly suffocation with a glass of champagne

I hope the plastic wrap I bind my heart with holds
This pretty package: an artist’s broken duck taped mold
Love me with my arms tied and behold
This beating pound of flesh worth more than gold

Broken pieces of a bowl shattered on the floor
Represent what we were before
Suffocate in your plastic wrap while you grope for;
A mirage you thought you saw from the shore

So I’m wrapping you away in a prison of cellophane
I hope you feel the pressure, a brutal karma chain
Because you’ve left me defeated and slain
Feel, live and breathe my pain


Sweetpea September 18, 2010 at 2:38 PM  

This is so good Boo. I love it and I love you xoxo



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