24 March 2010

Cherry Pie: Part 6

Her plan was pure genius. It was so brilliant that one would have thought it was planned before hand but sometimes passion and hatred can bring out the best in people, so to speak. After she had her finances body in the passenger seat she started the car and jammed her foot on the gas, causing it to jerk forward quickly and crash into Jake. She then got out of the car made sure he was passed out and then walked over to the girls body. After situating her hands underneath the armpits of the woman she dragged her in slow tugs back into the car. She seemed already to leave when she realized she needed it to look like an accident or at least a hit and run. 
Jake was still passed out cold but he seemed to barely have any marks. She made sure to grab his gun and then in pure vengeance hit him over the head with the grip of the pistol. Then she drove her car into his  to leave a few marks and then drove off surrounded by bleeding corpses.

"Why?" Kate exclaimed with a loud cackle. "I...I can't believe you still don't remember. I should have killed you when I had the chance...but then where would be the fun in that."

"Killed me?! Kate have you lost your mind? What is this? Why are you doing this? Whose blood is that Kate? What have you done?" cried Jake.

Kate lowered the gun from his head, locked the trigger and with a devious curl of her lips began to laugh uncontrolably.

Jake who not only was experiencing shock was going in and out of consciousness and her daunting laugh was echoing throughout his dream-like state.As time went on and her laugh turned into a drone of evil background music Jake began to feel sick.

"I have to use the restroom," Jake begged. "I am going to be sick Kate, please let me go."

"I don't give a fuck if you piss, shit or throw up all over yourself, you are not leaving this room for any reason," she explained with her back still turned toward Jake.

Kate chuckled at this and slowly turned around with the gun now to her temple.
"Let's play a game," she said smiling.

"Here is how to play. You have the chance to ask me three questions. However, those questions must be well thought out because after the third one I expect you to know why you are here right now. Do you understand?" she asked.

"Well what happens if I can't figure it out..." asked Jake.

"Death would be such a simple escape for you right now. You have no soul, no personality and you hate yourself so I assume you think I am going to kill you. However, I am much more cruel then that. If you can't figure it out I will shoot myself in front of you and I have already made sure that you will take the blame for my death. Since you have a history of mental problems they won't put you in jail but rather an insane asylum where they will make you face your past and your fears and your ghosts for the rest of your life or until the drugs make you a vegatable," explained Kate.

With this Kate walked over to their record player, took out an old album and turned on "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones. With the gun still in her hand she took off her skirt and shirt and started dancing and singing around the room. After she had made a few circles around the room she danced her way in front of Jake and stopped. 

"Dancing...ahhhh what a wonderful feeling," she sighed. 

Then she held out her arms and twirled around and around.
In a flash his memory brought back that old smile and he could see his fiance dancing in front of him in the rain. For the first time her full image starting coming back and he lay back with his eyes closed watching her dance and twirl and swing as the rain soaked through her clothes. Then he heard a click.

"Time for question number one," someone said.

With his eyes still closed he could feel the gun grazing his forehead again and the dancing angel was erased from his memory as the cold metal barrel brought him back to reality.



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