22 March 2010

I'm Gonna Die Before I Get Ugly

The Epic Weekend with the Fearsome Foursome

I have to say that this was one of the best weekends I have had in quite some time. You know when you come across something or someone that leaves you feeling true happiness? Well that is how this girls make me feel, Josh (in the picture) included.  This is a montage of pictures for my ladies and to recap the great adventures we had during our mini-vacation. No doubt the best Spring Break I have ever had and I don't even get one anymore - goes to show! To begin I must note that we made a short list of funny, witty or downright stupid quotes we all said throughout the night. The first happens to be the title of this blog and a great place to start with the photos. 

 "I'm gonna die before I get ugly."


"You know you are wearing the right dress when all your man wants to do is take it off"

The Last Supper Club

 ---> This picture happens to have a hilarious story behind it. So Geaner has a major germ phobia problem - like won't even take bubbly baths because it grosses her out. Well Karebear decided since it was dark and she couldn't see what the stain on the couch was in the club to have Geaner touch it. Geaner a little drunk and unaware of what she was being asked to do touches the couch - at the same time Karebear goes "I think it's cum." However her hand had already touched it and as Geaner went to smell her hand we took a picture to really see what it was and realized it was vomit. haha No wonder no one was sitting there. 

"The ROC girls in the building tonight,
oh what a feeling I'm feeling life. You don't even gotta bring your paper out,
we the dope girls of the year drinks is on the house {we in the house}



Karebear's first time @ the market since she was a little girl!!

If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever.

 More pics to come...




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