11 January 2010

The Beginning

It's finally Monday and I have never been so excited to start the work week. Well I take that back, I grumpily rolled out of bed this morning, softly cursing under my breath at the rain and cold that I could see outside. But after a nice cup of coffee and my long commute to work my true feelings about today have slowly started to emerge. This is the first day of my photo blog and the first day in awhile that I feel like I have an outlet to express myself and my creativity. Mind you I am only an amateur and I never expected anyone to read or even follow this. Yet come to find out some of my close friends are not only encouraging me but more excited then I about this new adventure. One of my friends called me on Saturday, in a frantic state saying how he was checking my blog everyday but I hadn't posted anything new. I kindly laughed and explain that I wasn't starting until Monday and he disappointingly sighed "oh". That right there made me not only feel that this was a good idea but also showed me the importance of support and keeping this blog going, no matter what. Shortly I will be posting the first photo and I am so excited. So stay tuned.


Anonymous January 13, 2010 at 11:06 AM  

coffee is essential



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