18 January 2010

It's All In the Details

So first off I have to apologize for my delay. I was deathly ill since Friday so I could barely move must less blog, however I did write down what I wanted to post and talk about so I will be posting 4 blog posts today to catch up. Also I hope I won't have to skip out on this again but I do suffer from a chronic illness that I recently found out about so sometimes things like this may happen.

Now moving on to the the photo and to finish off the week of Sherlock Holmes. In my absence got a lot of reading done in my book and happened to finish "A Study in Scarlet", which was one of the best detective stories I've heard in a long time. While reading I found it interesting how Watson (who is narrating) tries to pick up on details of the crime scene he visit with Holmes. He is really trying to learn from his companion but is always in awe by the brilliant way Holmes picks up on everything.

In this photo I was focusing on the aspect that one must always focus on the details, even the things that may be missed. What makes Holmes the infamous person he is, is not because he is anymore special then an average man. It's because he uses simple observation mixed with his studies in particular subjects, like cigars, to solve a crime. I like how Doyle humanizes Holmes to relate to everyone, yet is also able to show his brilliance that many choose to never use.In the end we could all be like Holmes, it's just a matter of the knowledge and effort.

Quote of the Day:

"It seemed to me that a careful examination of the room and the lawn might possibly reveal some traces of this mysterious individual. You know my methods, Watson. There was not one of them which I did not apply to the inquiry. And it ended by my discovering traces, but very different ones from those which I had expected."




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