25 January 2010

What Dreams Are Made Of...

This week I am focusing on things that appear in dreams. I'm not talking about successes or goals, I am talking about that subconscious state where ideas, people and places get construed with reality and fantasy. I find my dreams or rather nightmares to be not only stressful but exciting and strange. In my dream state I am allowed to create my own world, sometimes I can change outcomes while at other times I can only sit back and watch my fate or others play out. I find dreams to be inspiring, whether that be through fear, confusion, happiness, hope or when we interpret our dreams to be omens.

I find this photo...how do I put it...mystifying. It's just a simple lamp I saw outside someone's apartment but the beauty of it inspired so many ideas and feelings inside of me. To me, it feels like this is the closest I will ever come to a real star. Not that a star would even look like this, but this is my dream now. This star could also be a heart with each point reaching out for someone to love. It could be a torture device that when thrown would pierce through bone. Maybe this could be your self personified as an object. It could be a magical, mystical orb that follows it's keeper and protects them. It could be so many things but that is what makes dreams so amazing. They don't have to make sense, they don't have to be anything at all. Sometimes dreams are forgotten before one even wakes and sometimes they send chills down the dreamers spine. Then there are those other times, when you are crossing in and out of this R.E.M world, when a dream can turn into your reality.

Quote of the Day:

“I reject your reality and substitute it for my own.” - Adam Savage


Kamielle February 14, 2010 at 3:03 AM  

That's a Moravian star <3 My Gpa was Moravian... </3



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