20 January 2010

Persian Persuasion

I know this week is about my friends but I am adding something different into this one. I had the craziest dream last night and I thought it would be quite fitting with my friend today. She is studying marine biology as well as zoology and I found it a little ironic that I had a dream based entirely around marine biology. So with this blog about her I am also going to add my dream. One because it reminds me of her and two because I know if she was next to me right now she would be fully engaged in my story and laughing at me for being so silly.
Today's blog post is about my Persian Princess. This beautiful mesh of everything good is another one of my close friends who has shared not only her friendship but soul with me. See, I am a bit of a stoic, glass half empty type of gal but she has helped encourage me to smile more often. She never leaves the house without her smile and even though sometimes this can get her in trouble when shared with the wrong people, she is that perfect ray of sunshine to all others. One of the sweetest things she ever did for me was when I was having a horrible day and made me fresh, homemade cookies and brought them to me at work. Something only boyfriends do, none that I have had though, but something amazing no less. As a side note I must also mention this girl can cook like Betty Crocker meets Anthony Bourdain, both on crack, her food is perfect and ecstasy in my mouth (but that's probably the crack talking ;-) ). This woman means the world to me and always will.

The Dream:
It was all set in a boarding school that was built in the middle of the ocean in a tropical area. It was nicknamed the Floating Castle from the locals on shore. The school was large and was built to float in the heart of the ocean where the largest groups of marine life were sure to be seen. This wasn't a normal school. It was a school for extra intelligent college kids that wanted to become some of the best marine biologists in the world. Besides the floating school there were also miles of floating walkways/bridges. They were extremely close to the water and many students would go out and socialize in their bathing suits and kick their feet in the warm water. The first level of the school resembled an old dungeon, it was the catacombs of the school but it was the only way to enter and the place where they would have entire school meetings with the students before they would set out of their scuba study. Well in these catacombs the walls were all made out of moldy brick and the walkways were narrow and connected to the sides of the walls because in the middle ran a stream of ocean water so as you walked you could look down and see the marine life swimming around at your feet.

I was attending the school as an exchange student and had ask wearily if anyone had ever fallen in. My roommate answered softly that there had been a few that have slipped and looked away from me with horror in the back of his eyes. I inferred that some of these pour souls had been eaten by sharks, since sharks seemed to keep showing up around the school recently. The dream changes to earlier in the week, where I was remembering a shark incident. I was out in the sunshine in my bathing suit soaking my feet in the water off the side of the floating walk way. I was drinking wine out of the bottle with friends and tanning with no concern in the world. My guy friend had spit in the water not really thinking twice of it. Actually no one was thinking about it because who really cared. Well no more then 5 mins later I saw something move in the water and anxiously called out to my friend. He immediately told me to pull my legs in and stay quiet. So I did and right after I had gotten my last toe out of the water I see the full body of a shark. His fin was circling around us and my guy friend whispered that they must be hungry if his spit was all it took to lead them here. He had told me that they were coming around more often lately and getting riled up easier then before. He also told me how they just started studing the behaviour of sharks and why they attacked people.

The dream changed again and I was seated in a huge football field. Of course this was also floating but I noticed this stadium was a lot different then any I had ever seen. The stadium was built in a half circle with only two large sections of seats. There were plenty of rows in each column to hold all the students and they two sections were spilt by a large walk way for people to go up and down. But the thing that caught my eye were the lights. There were 5 columns total with long rows. For each column on both sides of the stadium these halogen type lights were pointing at them. There were five lights correlating with each column and each was a different color. I happened to notice that if these were turned on everyone in the stadium would look like a rainbow striped shirt. There would be rows of red people, blue people, green and so forth. I thought that those lights were very strange and when I asked they said they were new and still hadn't been used. Right before I woke up from the dream I was back in the catacombs and I was witnessing for the first time one of their meetings before a scuba study. All of the sudden I heard a scream and this random group of students started dragging something from out of the water. It was this 70 year old woman's body that had found it's way inside the water ways of the school and her body was bloody, with limbs missing and deep bite marks and chewed parts. So I wondered what they are doing to these sharks, because that woman had to had come from off shore which was hundreds of miles away. hmmmmm.....THE END...for now.

Quote of the day:
“I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself.” - Oscar Wilde




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