19 January 2010

Parallel Lives

I think I am going to try and dedicate a day to each of my close friends, willing I have photography to go with each one. Some of my friends live too far away so I will not be able to shoot and write about everyone but these friends in particular helped me unconditionally and in their own unique way while I was struggling to find myself again. I've also decided to leave their names anonymous, but a picture will suffice in showing their beauty and personality.

Today I take you into the world of the third wifey. This dangerously independent, stubborn, intelligent, beautiful woman is one I will not ever be able to forget. Sometimes we run across people that we know we want to be around the moment you meet them. Even though our first encounter was a quiet one of her part, I knew that she had the potential to become one of my closest friends.

She radiates elegance and lady like qualites, yet she has a dark, sensual nature that keep her both grounded and free. No matter what, she is someone who I can always call on. She doesn't judge, she doesn't gossip, she is a real, down to earth girl...(some Outcast for you). As being her friend I feel that I gain a sister, a partner in crime and someone who struggles with the same introspective feelings I do. Even though we are opposite in a lot of ways, our lives run parallel. As with many, each friend you have may give you something different. Some may be good at advice, others at making you laugh, some may hold your hand, while the next tells you to man-up. Everyone of our friends help us manage our lives in their own way and in a sense we rely on them to become our visual conscience.

To end I will leave y'all with this last picture, which has and will always be one of my favorites, all friends included. :-)




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