13 January 2010

Ruthless In Nature

Today's picture was extremely hard for me to choose. I decided to take a stroll down to the boardwalk by my house last night to take pictures for today's blog. The old pier reminded me of a scene from the book where Sherlock was investigating a crime scene. Humans have always been naturally drawn to water because of its healing and spiritual power but it can also be a place to hide secrets. What a better place to hide a corpse then at the bottom of the ocean where crabs can slowly digest the remains? A little morbid I know but it's true. The entire time I was shooting photos these thoughts rushed through my mind and I wanted to capture the eerie silence that comes at twilight when the water is calm but the rest of the world is still in absolute chaos.

What I like about this picture is how the boardwalk looks like it has no end - that if you continue walking you may fall right off the edge. I also like the visually slick remains of the rain on the boardwalk and how the lights set the tone of the entire picture. However, as I mentioned before it was extremely hard for me to choose the right picture for today because as I was walking back I came across an invisible type of graffiti. As I have mentioned in earlier posts Holmes can see things and find things that many others would miss. I have been keeping my eyes open for just that kind of opportunity but I had yet to discover anything worthwhile. Yet, this graffiti popped out at me. At first glance this brick wall looked like nothing more then old, fading bricks. Yet as I began to turn the corner I realized that these dwindling bricks spelled out the word Ruthless. I immediately stopped and stared at these words for awhile, repeating them in my head. Ruthless...ruthless....ruthless. Then it came to me, this one word could be used to describe everything about Holmes. So in honor of this fading memory in bricks I am also going to post the picture I took so everyone can enjoy this treasure.


Radical Ryan January 13, 2010 at 4:56 PM  

My most missed memory from my Florida youth was hanging out at the pier. Such a refreshing place to hang with the seafood restaurants, the water and of course the cool sea breeze.

I like how you tied the graffiti with your theme and how you turned yourself into a Sherlock Holmes.

Checking your posts is something I look forward to after work. I am intrigued by your creativity.



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