27 January 2010

The Insomniac's Revenge

 So of course the week I pick to focus on dreams, I can't remember any of them. Now usually this is not the case - I remember all my dreams with an intense attention to detail. However, my insomnia has also decided to come back this month, so I will blame it on that. Last night was also strange. I took some over the counter sleeping pills so I could finally try and sleep. Well they knocked me out rather early and with my alarm set and clothes laid out, I thought I was in the clear. Was I mistaken! I woke up at 1:52am on the dot thinking it was 5:30 and got out of bed ready to start the day. Little did I know...thank god I checked my phone in all the confusion and went back to sleep. 

Now to discuss the real theme for today, if you want to call it that - Insomnia. I have been living with this "problem" for over two years now and in my somewhat professional opinion I've come to the conclusion that it really, truly sucks. At first I thought it was some type of super power that I could stay up for three days straight with the same amount of energy as someone who had five red bulls in 15 minutes, but it's nothing like that and I'm also sure it's just as bad for your heart.

This picture represents my state of mind without sleep. See, I can still function or at least I think I can when I'm sleep deprived, however my world looks hazy and different and I can only focus on certain things. This picture shows just that. Everything around the white shells are blurry and trivial even though they add depth to the photo. It's just like the life of an insomniac. You start losing focus and miss out on details you possibly would have seen in your right state of mind. The only benefit I have found when I can't sleep is that my creative mind starts spinning out of control. It is possibly because I am so tired I am being overwhelmed by ideas that I could usually suppress and take out of my creative bank one by one. Yet, then again it could be a type of hallucination like a drug induced idea, I'll never know. 

Either way sleep is very underrated.

Quote of the Day:

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. -W.B. Yeats




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